Works Currently Available for Sale

There is always a selection of different types of work in stock. These may be boxes awaiting a gallery customer, speculative pieces driven by my own creative process and occasionally experimental works.

If any of the stock pieces are of interest, or you would like to discuss a special project or commission, please contact initially by email.

‘Paypal’ is probably the simplest payment method but other arrangements can be made.

Shipping for boxes is normally straightforward. Anything else can be advised.



Mini magnetic hinge boxes in various woods with Mother-of-Pearl inlay dot.   About 75mm (3”) x 30mm(1 1/4”) high.  @ £34 each                                                                                                          

Mini magnetic hinge with Mother-of-Pearl dot inlay. About 50mm (2”) square x 30mm (1 1/4”) high .                 @ £28 each

This is a synth-like piece based on a frequency divider (step generator) One side- knob controls basic pitch,the other produces cascading notes. Other knobs are for volume and ‘Timbre’. All analogue and a bit manic!18cmlong x12cm high      £120  email for sound clip.

Simple pitch-only Theremin. On-off switch, Frequency Null knob are the only controls. Intended to be connected via 1/4” jack to guitar amp/mixer etc.

About 25cm high.

Email for price and sound clips.