Historic Reconstruction

A chance enquiry from a independent production company led to the first TV commission. The piece was a water-powered singing bird automata based on texts by Heron of Alexandria and originally built as part of a garden fountain. The piece was filmed and featured in a History Channel documentary.

This was to be the start of a long series of historic reconstructions and contributions to around forty early history documentary programmes.

Builds were very diverse, from paper based facsimile works of maps and portfolios to ancient weapons (the first modern reconstruction of Archimedes steam cannon, Byzantine/Chinese/Greek flame throwers, catapults, etc.) to vehicles, (Chinese cross-bow cart,ancient land-yacht etc)  and all sorts of props. I also appeared in many of the programs explaining the operation and context of the various builds.

A selection of the pieces can be seen in the gallery below.      (Hover cursor over image for captions)



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