The function of ‘containment’ and the deep human need to hide,hoard and protect objects of personal value has been the impetus behind a long and slowly evolving series of boxes and containers. These are usually in various combinations of timbers utilising the distinctive natural colours and grain pattern of each species and sometimes incorporate special natural materials such as Shagreen, Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone.

The boxes range in size from the smallest ‘mini-mag’ (magnetic hinge) style, through the ‘standard range (usually about 7cm/3” across) and featuring my original segmented wooden hinge, to specials and exhibition pieces. These can range up to about 33cm/12” and often have complex hinges and brass and Corian details.

My work is available through a few selected outlets in the UK and direct from my workshop. Pieces currently for sale will be featured on a separate page,please contact me for more details.

The Gallery below features a representative selection of boxes throughout the range.    (Hover cursor over image for



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